Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A 1st For Everything

To see our Christmas card click HERE! (I didn't get to actually send them out this year, so this will have to do!)

I finally have an excuse for being off the blogosphere-my 4 month old baby! I know, time flies. It's the first thing everyone says when they ask how old she is or if she is my first child. I get it. I don't need to hear it anymore, thank you. I promise to enjoy every second. The reminder of our fleeting lives is a real downer. So I choose to experience the joy in every moment! Even when covered in poop.

My view from where we were the last time I posted looked like this:

And today, she looks like this on her 1st Christmas:

So yes, I agree that time does in fact 'fly'! She weighed 18 lb 6 oz the other day and is wearing size 6-9 month clothes. I wasn't prepared for her to be so 'advanced' in her height and weight so we are flying through clothes! She is such an amazing baby. The second question I get asked is, 'Do you get to sleep?'. Yes. I am very very blessed to have a baby that sleeps. Spoiled really, because on the rare occasion that she wakes up in the middle of the night, I'm so thrown off and grumpy. Nothing that an extra coffee can't fix. She just started rolling over a couple weeks ago but gets frustrated when she's stuck on her face. She giggled for Daddy first and then I heard it a few weeks later while we were on our first trip to California! She rocked on the plane ride and stayed on schedule while we were there in spite of the 3 hour time difference.

Back to Day 3 of Elliana's life. A dear friend who also happens to be a photographer, dropped in and took some candid shots of our new little family. She typically shoots weddings, so if you need a photographer check her out HERE. It was the best gift! Take a peak!

Note the chart to the left showing you what happens if you fall asleep while holding a baby. Glad I had the examples to help me realize my baby will fall to the ground if I let go of her. Also I should mention that day 2 was so unbelievably painful as I recovered. I won't go into details but I went from never wanting to have another child, to saying I would never have another C-section again. It wasn't funny at the time, but after they gave me my first (and last) dose of percocet, I saw my husband in a bunny suit with big floppy ears holding our baby. It was the worst feeling ever and I didn't take anything else for pain after that. I'll spare you the other details. But regardless, no amount of pain would have been too much for the moment I first saw her face.

They just take my breath away! Love my little mush. You know me, (or maybe you don't) but when it's been a while since my last post, I feel the need to go back to where I left off and work forward.

It's my blog and I can do what I want to.

So we move on to Day 4 of her life...

Okay, I'm not that bad.

You can see her 1st baby book if you click HERE. Then I can move on past week 1.

Her 1st walk.

Aunt Lauren and the kiddos came to visit!

1st Bath.

Not her first nap. But a cute pic of my new nap buddy. Man, I missed napping. This is the life!

Hang time in the nursery.

1st time meeting Nana from Canada.

Daddy whispers...

Everyone says she is ALL Phil. This shot definitely shows the resemblance.

Nana planted flowers and these particular pink ones were for Elli! (And the one in the middle for T. That is a story I hope to be able to share one day...)

I attempted my own newborn photo shoot to save money.

I know, I said 'attempt'. She's not swaddled in cheese cloth and posed like a contortionist. But it'll do.

Yeah, we still own dogs even after having a baby. And yes it is true, that after you have said baby, you no longer want your dogs. Sorry dogs. You're cute and all but you have hair that seems to cover the entire house which leads me to keep the vacuum out at all times. And you eat poop. I mean, all dogs do.

E finally meets the Fletcher's. My other Mom and Dad who have prayed for this miracle for just as long as we have.

One more with Nana and Daddy. My friend Lauren had that quilt made for her daughter's 1st birthday. Each month during her first year, she would take a picture of her daughter on a cute piece of fabric. Then she sent it off to have the quilt made just in time for her birthday. I'm copying her and doing the same thing!

I attempted yet another photo shoot a couple days before her 1 month birthday. 

She met her Baba and Dida from Canada for the first time!

Phil and his Dad made some progress on our master bath renovation. It has yet to be completed...More on that later.

1st month down. Photo shoot on the 1st piece of fabric that Baba bought for the quilt!

He's smiling. She is not.

1st bottle. Like a champ.

Phil built a baby/dog gate making our living room a dog/shoe free zone. This was their last look.

Phil turned 31. I made him his fav plate of veal schnitzel and gnocchi. The broccoli is there for color but not at all a necessary accessory to the schnitzel.

E met her Great Aunt from Canada and we took our first road trip up to the cabin where my aunt stayed up in Blue Ridge.

I know, you must bet getting bored. I'm sorry but this is my life now. I won't show you ALL of the people she met in the first 4 months. Promise.

She met my bestie and her future husband Gabe who is only 1 month behind her. And this was our second road trip that we took on a total whim. I called my Court and told her how I wish I could walk on over to her house. Then we realized I could drive right over now as they only live 3 hours away!! Within the hour E and I were in the car and on our way. When I asked Phil if her and I could take the trip up, I should have clarified that I would be leaving that same day...He got over it.

And during our short trip we got to see T too! An amazing friend from California whom we have still not been able to talk into moving here. It's only a matter of time...

She turned 2 months...

There was a dog fight in the nursery.

We took another trip to Tennessee to visit our buddies, and this time Phil got to join us!

Don't all postpartum Momma's go shooting?

These guys can sure rock a baby carrier.

Then she turned 3 months...

We celebrated Thanksgiving with great friends! Jess and I made everything from scratch. Very stressful, yet rewarding in the end.

I turned 31 too.

We began our Christmas festivities by celebrating with our Revolution Church small group.

I found out that my little sister was very sick in California. I knew that I probably needed to go to support her and my Mom so I began to pray about it as the timing wasn't very good. Is it ever? Within hours God provided everything I needed to pack up and go only a week later. It was amazing! I am so grateful for incredible friends who love me and my family so well. It was a bittersweet trip as I got to see my Mom and some great friends, but I also had to see my sister in critical condition. I continue to pray that she will turn her life around.

First hugs from Grammy!

She turned 4 months while were in California. I have yet to upload my cell pictures so you'll have to check my Instagram for other good memories from the trip. She was such a trooper on the plane!

And then came Christmas morning...another FIRST!

No way! This is for ME?!

This year has been filled with blessings, trials, lessons, growth and a lot of joy! We are thankful for all of the friends and family that we get to do life with. You are loved. Happy New Year!

May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4


  1. This blog is so entertaining with your funny comments! So you've been saving all these cute pictures of E for this blog! Love her cute smile! And it wasn't until the Christmas pics that I noticed Phil has let his hair grow back out! Thanks for taking the time to get back to your blogging! Enjoyed very much!

  2. She is gorgeous vanessa!!! I loved looking at the pictures. you and Phil look so happy :) Miss you guys. Hope 2014 is a amazing year for you.


  3. What a cutie!!! Thanks so much for sharing photos of your year. Elli is precious and you all are such a lovely family. all those photos will so be worth having too!! My first is about to turn 2 (in 2 months…it feels too close!) and I'm amazed at how fast it goes. I'm so glad I took photos like you did…it's such a treat to reminisce.


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